How to Prevent Traction Alopecia With Toppers

The most common Topper related question: Will the Clips Rip Out My Hair? To be blunt, they can.. to some degree. BUT there are ways to prevent it!

Traction alopecia (the technical term for clip hair damage) can occur when toppers are worn improperly or when there is not enough biological hair to grip to. These can lead to bald patches on the scalp where the clips have caused breakage.

Here’s How to Prevent It:

✓ Do You Have Enough Bio Hair?

Toppers need hair to stay on. If you find that as soon as you put your topper on the clips are pulling & hurting off the bat, wigs will definitely be your better option.

✓ Is the Base Size Right?

There are so many different degrees of hair loss and everyone is different. Make sure your topper covers the places where your hair is the thinnest & weakest. You want the clips positions on the thicker parts of your hair.

✓ Are the Clips GOOD Clips?

There are a few different clips on the market. Make sure your topper has high quality, pressure sensitive clips the wont break your hair but also have a good, strong hold. (Ours do 😉)

✓ Rotate!

Giving your hair some breaks from the clips is the best way to prevent Traction Alopecia. If you require all clips to be used, try rotating 1 clip left unused to give that spot a break. Also shift the topper a bit to give each spot a break is great too!

✓ Don’t Wear When You Don’t Have to!

If you don’t have to have it on, don’t! Giving your scalp a break here and there whether it’s just hanging out at home or tossing a ball hat on. Also, never sleep with it on! Even if you drink too many glasses of wine, take that baby off..

✓ Is It Secure?

When a topper is loosely clipped on, it can actually cause more damage than not. By shifting and moving on loose hair, you can cause more traction than needed. Make sure you have it clipped on enough hair and clipped on good.


✓ Use the Twist or Braid Blend

A signature of mine & and a great way to secure it without using all of the clips. Twist or braid your bio hair with the topper and pin with a bobby pin. Check our IGTV “How to Blend a Topper”

✓ Try a Grip

Topper grips are the latest & greatest invention but personally I’m not a fan. I have tested & tried these but I find the elastic slides in the back and pulls out my baby hairs. However, lots a women wear & love them. Just another option!

✓ Brush Before Removing

Always brush out your topper & hair before removing it for the day. Bio hair & topper hair become intertwined throughout the day and trying to get it off when it is knotted is a nightmare.

✓ Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Personally I find wearing a topper on greasy or not freshly washed hair tends to pull more than not. Maybe it’s just me! But keeping your scalp & hair healthy & strong by conditioning and using less products is key.

Don’t let the thought of topper clips scare you out of getting your dream hair. Toppers are amazing & when properly worn, will NOT cause damage.
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