Organic, All Natural & Perfect for You & Your Alternative Hair

Vegan, Organic & All Natrual
Made with organic, all natural ingredients with no animal by-products or testing!

Happy & Healthier Hair
Our shampoo & conditioner work with the natural oils in your scalp to promote a cleaner feel, more volume & healthier hair.

Do More Than Just Clean
Together, our shampoo & conditioner deliver multiple benefits, increase the longevity of your alternative hair.

Made In Canada
Proudly made in Canada! Small batch formulas allow the product to be created without the use of harmful chemicals
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Revitalizing Shampoo (250ml) & Renewing Conditioner (4oz) Combo Revitalizing Shampoo (250ml) & Renewing Conditioner (4oz) Combo loading
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Revitalizing Shampoo (250ml) Revitalizing Shampoo (250ml) loading
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❤ Less Greasy

After a week of using the Shampoo & Conditioner, I defienetly think my hair is less greasy epsecially on a no wash day. 

- Laura H.

❤ Delighted to have been able to test out Flox Hair shampoo and conditioner!

Both products have a nice smell and feel, would definitely use the shampoo again. No scalp irritation  & hair felt clean. Needed more of the product than indicated on the bottle. Really like the shampoo (hubby used it also and liked it). 

- Elle's Hair Corner


Emily!! I love these products so much. Not only did they make my bio hair feel softer, cleaner & healthier, they are also the best products for my topper. The fact that these are all natural and still lather and smell as good as they do is amazing. You also don't need a ton fo the product to get a good clean so the product lasts forever. My new go to shampoo :)

- Katie J.

❤ I am OBSESSED with Flox Hair shampoo!!

After doing the seven day trial, at day four I was already blown away by how light my hair felt and how much volume there was - if you are looking for a shampoo that doesn’t leave residues in your hair, and you also want to support local entrepreneurs, then #floxhair is an amazing choice! .

Also, for anyone reading this who suffers with hair loss, Flox Hair is an amazing company owned by a woman who is empowering other females to feel their best as themselves - hair loss can be devastating, especially for women, but she has shown that you can still be fabulous as well. Seeing someone grow a business, not despite their own struggles, but in light of their own struggles to make others feel beautiful and support in their struggles is the empowerment we all need! If you are suffering hair loss and are seeking support, I really encourage following Flox Hair on Insta and FB to start 💕 . Watching from the sidelines as this business grows makes my heart happy. Benefiting from their shampoo makes my hair happy! 

- Samantha Stella