Hi, I'm Emily!


Flox Hair was created on the bases of "We know it & We get it". Being a hair loss sufferer myself, my hair journey started when I was 17 & diagnosed with irregular thyroid & hormonal imbalances. Keeping it a secret from almost everyone who knew me, I could never find the perfect hair solution. I decided it was time to tell everyone & anyone who would listen and the response was incredible. So many women are in the same situation & don't know where to turn.

Flox Hair is committed to helping every customer look & feel their best with quality human hair pieces backed by experience, knowledge & compassion!

Why the name Flox Hair?

The term "Flox" comes from the Phlox flower which symbolizes & embodies harmony.
Throughout my personal journey I was in search for acceptance, peace & ultimately harmony
 in my life.
Being able to help others on the same journey create harmony in their life is the reason I started this company!